Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub
Sep 2018

For all of you coffee lovers out there, imagine that smell of fresh roasted and ground coffee in a body scrub treatment.

Yes, lush coffee aroma that not only makes your skin smell amazing but is a beautiful polish as well. Plus it is super easy to do!

Coffee Scrub Ingredients

  • Freshly ground coffee beans
  • Moisturising cream

Try to grind the coffee yourself if you can.

I have a herb grinder which is perfect way to do a nice fine grind of the coffee for your scrub.

This way you can get it just as course or as fine as you like.

Try not to make it too coarse as this can be a little bit too rough on your skin. Or of course you can just get from your local cafe or supermarket.

Coffee Scrub In A Coffee Massage
Coffee Beans

How To Use The Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub Benefits

Coffee Scrub Ingredients

Because coffee tastes so good many people think that it is harmful to the body.

Coffee does have definite values, certainly in stimulating the mind  and as a diuretic. The secret of coffee stimulation is caffeine, a complex chemical which is only now being properly analyzed.

Everyone knows it stimulates and can keep people awake. But it has also been shown that caffeine can sooth sleep by around the circulation to carry more oxygen to the brain. Caffeine also counters depression and in Scandinavia coffee is drunk right at bedtime to promote good sleep.

Both caffeine and chlorogenic acid, both contained in coffee, are anti oxidants and help slow the ageing process. The vitamin niacin is another valuable component of coffee. Lack of niacin affects the metabolism of the gastric acid and intestinal area. One cup of coffee contains a daily requirement of the vitamin.


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