Spa Baths

Spa Bath With Petals
Jan 2013

Ah, spa baths, one of our all time self care treats. Lock the door, light the candles, put on your favourite music run the water and add in essential oils and just relax.

Here are a couple of Ripple’s  favorite day spa bathing rituals, perfect for enjoying either before or after you Ripple massage.

Milk Spa Baths

The tale of Queen Cleopatra and her milk baths is well known, yet do you know anyone who pours a few pints of milk into the bath before climbing in? The Indonesians have their own form of milk bath, known as Mandi Susu which helps soften the skin.

Modern version of this popular ritual have eliminated the taste and smell of milk while maintaining it nutrients and softening proteins.

At home, you can pour fresh water into your bath and add a few tablespoons of powdered milk to it to give the same effect.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil as well. Witches Falls Cottages has the Cleopatra Package with includes a milk bath along with a massage

Spa Bath With Petals
Woman In Spa Bath

Floral Spa Baths

For those of us born outside of tropical Asia, the floral bath is the nub of the tropical spa experience. We can hardly believe our eyes when a bucket of vivid blooms is tossed in the water purely for our pleasure. Flowers –  jasmine, gardenia, magnolia, hibiscus, frangipani, rose and ylang ylang – are chosen both for their fragrance and rich colours.

Asians believe that flowers are the tangible link to the forces of the spiritual world, representing a symbolic purge of our earthly impurities. In Asian spas, it is often used after a massage.

Aromatherapy Spa Baths

The bath is a perfect place to enjoy the sensual pleasures of aromatherapy oils. Simply drop in one or two drops into warm water. Some of the oil’s properties will be absorbed into the skin while the rest evaporate for inhaling. Some of our favorite ones are …

  • For calming – camomile, lavender and rose
  • For Detoxifying – ginger, sage and rosemary
  • Passion – ylang ylang, geranium and sandalwood
  • Brain boosting – grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and peppermint


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