Salt Therapy

Benefits Of Salt Waer
May 2016

Have you ever been told to visit the seaside, as “the sea air will do you good”?

The reason is that sea air is full of salt, which has incredible healing properties, one of which is its natural anti-inflammatory effect.

The anti-inflammatory effect of salt comes from its ability to draw fluid.

Sea air is already moist and has less of an anti-inflammatory effect; this is where salt therapy comes into play.

Salt therapy is a medically tried and tested natural therapy that has proven to help reduce congestion and inflammation of the airways and skin.

When you inhale dry salt aerosol in a salt room, the minute particles line your airways and draw out the fluid from the inflamed area. This fluid, now mixed with salt, continues to work on cleaning the airways, thereby clearing the congestion.

Woman Swimming In Salt Water

A Brief History Of Salt Therapy

While salt is now plentiful, until the Industrial Revolution it was difficult to come by.

Salt was once so rare that it was used as currency. Sourcing salt was an expensive and dangerous operation, and salt mining was often done by slave or prison labour.

In 1843, a physician working at a Polish salt mine recorded that there were very few incidents of lung and respiratory diseases in the miners. He also observed an improvement in the breathing of the salt miners.

Until 1987, underground caves and mines were the only available method of Salt Therapy.  In 1987 a new system of speleochambers, or salt rooms, was developed in Russia to replicate the environment of the salt mines.

Today, millions of people visit hundreds of salt therapy facilities located throughout Europe.

Salt Water Ocean
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